What I’m Into: February 2019

Nearly two years ago, I created this blog to share my gaming experiences and opinions with others. Since then, I’ve seen a handful of other bloggers within the community dedicate a monthly post to what they’re currently playing, reading, watching, and listening to, so I figured it’d be a good idea for me to do the same. Here’s what I’m currently into: … More What I’m Into: February 2019

Vidyas and Vinyl: Good Music and Game Pairings

Great music, sound effects, and voice acting are crucial components of a classic video game. However, in my experiences, I’ve found more enjoyment in turning on subtitles, muting the game sound, and spinning a record while I play. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate when a game has crisp sound and a phenomenal original soundtrack, … More Vidyas and Vinyl: Good Music and Game Pairings