Games with Massive eSports Potential

pubg esportsI recently wrote a piece for Gamers’ Nation on games I feel have potential to become big eSports hits. You can read the article here!

In short, here are the games I chose and the reasons why I think they could be major eSports sensations:

  • PUBG – Because it has a massive following, and requires a mix of skill and strategy, PUBG has a chance to be an extremely successful eSports game. The challenge will be finding a way to make starting map placement more balanced, as well as finding a way to make spectating more entertaining.
  • Quake Champions¬†– There is no doubt in my mind that old fans of the series will jump all over Quake Champions and love it. The big challenge for id Software will be attracting new players. If they can successfully do so, I see no reason why this game won’t blow up in the eSports world.
  • MVC Infinite¬†– Although there are no X-Men characters and the controls have been dumbed down, I still see MVC Infinite becoming an eSports hit because the name of the series alone. Who knows? Maybe the simplified mechanics will draw in new players who were too intimidated to play other installments.
  • Unreal Tournament 4 –¬†Not much is known about Unreal Tournament 4, but it has been has been very well received by those whom have played it. It’s basically a game made by gamers, with development being crowdsourced to anyone. Also, the fact that it will be free, not free-to-play, will help attract people looking for something new to play.

Any games you have pinned to blow up into the next big eSport? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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